Walk, Run, Move, Bend, Jump or Dodge.

Experience immersive Mobile VR.

The biggest thing to happen to VR since Mobile VR.

We were mind blown with our first VR experience and it turned into our passion. But like everyone we felt that mobile VR is missing something valuable.

That something was the freedom to move around in mobile VR.

Next generation of Mobile VR.

VRMO lets you expereince high quality VR games on your mobile VR headset.
VRMO runs on your computer and streams to VRMO mobile app. Using phone's inbuilt camera the game knows how the user has moved.

Global Positional Tracking

Inside out Positinal tracking with low latancy. It’s a game changer for Mobile VR.

Game Engine SDK

Compatible with Unity and Unreal engine.

Positional tracking for Mobile Virtual reality.

Redirected walking

Small space to move around?
No problem, with our smart redirected walking.

Collision Warning

Fear of walking into walls and tables ?
Let us take it away, by showing a translucent visual grid, when user gets close to any obstruction.

High End Gaming

Play any computer, Oculus & HTC Vive VR games.

Oculus or HTC Vive

- Only hardware specific games

- Wired

- Positional Tracking

- $700


- Any VR supported games

- Wireless

- Positional Tracking

- $20




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