Walk, Run, Move, Bend, Jump or Dodge. Experience immersive Mobile VR.

The biggest thing to happen to VR since Mobile VR.

We were mind blown with our first VR experience and it turned into our passion.

But like everyone, we felt, mobile VR is missing something valuable.

Something so valuable, that if we don't push past all barriers and bring it to life, VR will fail to progress to its greatest potential.

That something was the freedom to move around in mobile VR.

We wanted to expereince games & content designed for high end quality headsets on your mobile VR.

Positional Tracking for Immersive Mobile VR.

To solve this issue of positional tracking, we brought together top research scientists, game experts, mobile developers from across the globe who were as passionate as we are to solve this. After around 1.5 years of rigorous work we have created a breakthrough SDK.

Global Positional Movement

It’s a game changer for Mobile VR.

Game Engine SDK

Compatible with Unity and Unreal engine.

Positional tracking for Mobile Virtual reality.

Redirected walking

Small space to move around?
No problem, with our smart redirected walking.

Collision Warning

Fear of walking into walls and tables ?
Let us take it away, by showing a translucent visual grid, when gamer gets close to any obstruction.

Game developers and Media are Loving it

This is the magical touch mobile VR was missing! I am excited to see how the next generation of mobile VR games will be.

Mark Lobo, Indi VR Game developer

It just opens up the restriction from the kind of VR games we could make. Honored to be associated with VRmo. Very supportive team.

Rahul Raj, VR Game developer

We want to work with most creative studios all around the world.
Being a startup with limited resources we will be working with select game studios initially.
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